WHy Attend Rise?


Each And Every Year This Event Gets Better, Smarter And Changes More And More Lives!



Friday, October 5th

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Pat Rigsby

How To Compete In An Ever Changing Fitness Market.

Chandler Bolt

Coming Soon

Tony Jefferies

You're not a businessman, you're a business...mannn


Chris & Eric Martinez

How to Transition from Personal Training to Online Fitness Coaching


Free Time (Lunch)

Phoebe Mroczek

The Key To Scaling As a Personal Brand.


David Bayer
(Keynote Speaker)

Becoming a PHENOMENON: The new science of mindset and how the top 1% of high performers actually think.

VIP/Speaker Dinner

Saturday, October 6th

Bobby Cappuccio

Secrets of Influence


Craig Ballantyne

How to Get More Clients with Instagram


Carlos Redlich

How To Write High-Converting Copy, Even If You Suck At Selling


Khaled Elmasri

Lunch Provided for ALL Attendees

Lunch & Learn with Daven from 123 Employee


Breakout Sessions


Molly Galbrith

A Woman's Worth: How to Help Your Female Clients Improve Their Body Image

Mark Fisher


So What Do You Really Think?": An Exploration of Feedback Systems


Networking Event
(Let’s Party)

Sunday October 7th

Tony Gentilcore

Shoulder: From Assessment to Badass

Chris Flo

FLO-OSOPHY: A Mindset Training Program


Kellie Hart Davis

The Lie That Tells The Truth

Vince Gabriele

Dominating Sales in the Fitness Industry

Free Time ( VIP Lunch)

Ivan Barrera
(Rising Star)

Creating Massive Success In Your Small Fitness Business Studio


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Meet Khaled...

Broke. Tired. Not Knowing If Bills Will Get Paid. Beaten Down. Burnt Out. 

Back then I was living on my friends living room floor in a 700 sq ft. apartment. 

At the time I was working 80+ hours a week, sometime 7 days a week in a big box gym just to make ends meet.

Certifications, I had 12 of them. I was still broke. 

Eventually, I got tired of my work taking over. My life was suffering. I wanted to be able to give my family everything and anything and to provide for them.

Broke, I started looking for events that focused more on business. Sales. Leads. Marketing. 

There wasn't anything out there. And the ones I found were thousands of dollars and across the nation. 

And for that reason, I truthfully believe this event will change your life. 

RISE is like no other event. We focus on three main content and
teaching principles at the event...

1. Attract

2. Sell

3. Wow

We’ll provide you with a network that’s been where you are and will lift you up to where you want to be.

You’ll learn rapid growth techniques pioneered by experts from both inside and outside the fitness community.

You’ll connect with our community meaningfully, and permanently.

RISE: Where no trainer/gym owner gets left behind.



We couldn't make this amazing event happen without the support from our incredible partnerships..

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 It is with great pleasure that we announce our exclusive partnership with The Double Tree as our hotel of choice for the upcoming RISE Event.  Hotel and Transportation Information  Check-in and Check-out  Check in: 4:00 PM  Check out: 11:00 AM    LINK TO BOOK YOUR ROOM: CLICK HERE! 

It is with great pleasure that we announce our exclusive partnership with The Double Tree as our hotel of choice for the upcoming RISE Event.

Hotel and Transportation Information

Check-in and Check-out

Check in: 4:00 PM

Check out: 11:00 AM




+Is RISE: Fitness Business Conference For Me?

Absolutely – each year we attract more and more people to our event. The attendees are a diverse range of fitness professionals from start-up business owners, to personal trainers who have been operating for 10-20 years.

This means that not only will you be able to learn from the special guests but you are going to be able to learn from the other attendees as everyone will have their own story, experience and knowledge on what has been working for them and what hasn’t!

+How Is This Any Different From Any Other Event?

As I mentioned above, I have been to all the events which are supposedly for helping coaches and business owners. But I found myself banging my head against the wall each and every year.

I come from the same background as you, being frustrated with a lack of clients and money each and every year and that’s why I over see every single detail of RISE: Fitness Business Conference because I want to provide to coaches what I was never given.

Hope, strategy and profit. I give you my word that this event is above and beyond any other event which claims to provide the same outcome.

+I’m Really Busy And Working A Lot At The Moment – Is It Worth My Time?

How about I told you that you could work less and earn more? Now we’re not going to lead you on with false promises, this takes time to accomplish, but I guarantee you can have a completely new life in the near future.

It’s all well and good working all these hours each and every day and earning money but eventually you are going to burn out, become ill and then wish you had listened to your body (and us) and learnt to create balance.

The busy coach is anything is the perfect coach for this event.

+But I Don’t Know Anything About Business – How Will I Understand/Implement?

That’s exactly the reason for this event! As fitness professionals we haven’t got the time to study marketing, sales and all that complicated business stuff.

+We just want to train our customers and apply the knowledge that we’ve learnt.

Which is why this is delivered in such a way that anyone can understand it and anyone can implement it without having to undertake hours upon hours of boring business study.

+When Is It Again?

October 5th-7th In South San Francisco