2019 RISE: Elevate Your World

The Leading Fitness Business Conference in North America 


WARNING: You cannot afford to miss RISE

If you are determined NOT to invest in building your fitness business, and you’re satisfied with everything right now, believe that you can just "hustle and grind'' without guidance, want to carry on all alone on your own and hope things will get much better all by themselves, then don't let me interrupt you and read no further.


But if you'd like to finally stop living paycheck to paycheck, gain financial freedom, and make the leap from working hard for a living to working smart for a life, then read this page carefully, because you’ll see it will not cost you to attend; it will pay you. Which, I even guarantee!

Many Attendees From Last Year Were so Impressed

They Signed Back Up Before The Conference Ended.


Just listen to what they had to say! 

"One Of The Most Amazing Experience In My Entire Life"

"3 Days Of Impact. I'm Blown Away"

"Making An Impact In The Industry"

"Officially My Favorite Conference In 26 years"

"I Created Strong Bonds and Friendships"

"Every Year I Learn More & I'm Less Overwhelmed"

What Would You Do With Double, Triple, Quadruple Your Profits Every Month?

Let me ask you a question, what would just $1000 extra a month do for your life? Would it help? Would it pay your car payments or your student loans? Would it let you work less overtime?

What about an extra $2500 per month? That's a pretty decent mortgage right there. It's college tuition or some overdue medical bills, isn't it? It's a real vacation, not a staycation. And over the course of a year, it's paying off a credit card or three. It's the start of a journey to become debt-free.

Now, how about an extra $6000 per month? Or even an extra $10,000 per month?


That number is getting a little bit ridiculous, isn't it? Isn't it? Maybe not. Previous attendees don't think so. 


Take out a piece of paper and write down how you'd spend that extra money each month, because the way I see it, just one of the presentations you'll attend will bring you that at a minimum! 


Here's All The Cool Stuff You'll Learn

  • The little-know SECRETS about what it REALLY takes to make money in the Fitness Industry

  • How to quickly attract hundreds of your IDEAL clients to your business. 

  • The hidden factor in advertising that will either repel prospects from your ads or explode the response if you do this one simple thing. 

  • Tricks and techniques that will make your referral marketing at least 200% better.  

  • The easiest way to convert people to paying clients without coming across like a sleazy salesman or using unethical tactics. 

  • What every marketing piece you create must begin with...this secret has generated thousands in sales. 

  • The most powerful tool to use to grow your fitness business...it's also the cheapest.

  • A simple sentence that will close anyone who is ready to transform their life with your service. 

  • Why your website sucks and what to do to put your lead generation on autopilot. 

  • How to hire new teams members that aren't going to turn around, walk out the door and steal half your members. 

  • The easiest way to add an additional revenue stream to your business without it costing you a dime. 

  • Simple mistakes that cost fitness business owners thousands but you'll avoid once you know these three techniques.  

  • How to create a network of professionals that will happily refer their best clients to you.

  • How strategic partnerships work and why most fail...but you won't after you learn this one critical step 

  • Two simple mindset shifts that will eliminate your money blocks and effortless attract more clients.

  • Exactly what a marketing machine is and how it will make you a fortune this year.  

  • Unique marketing strategies that don't require endless hours on social media that will turn you into a mini-celebrity and send hundreds of new clients to your business

  • A simple system that will turn your clients into raving advocates and have them telling everyone and anyone about your business.  

  • The 7 most effective techniques for getting tons of qualified leads.

  • An ethical way to steal traffic from your local competitors who rank higher than you on Google

  • How to create a self-operating business so you can finally take the vacation you've been dreaming of without everything having to come to a screeching halt. 

  • The only THREE things you should focus on as a business owner if you want to have any impact and make any money.

  • The hidden factor in running your gym that will either kill your success if ignored it or multiply your profits if you do just one simple, inexpensive thing.   

  • Why and when you should stop training clients so you can impact even more lives 

  • What to look for when hiring staff and why employing the wrong one can put you out of business.  

  • The single most important thing you absolutely need to know before you ever think about hiring anyone

  • How to build an automated online business and have money appear in your bank account like magic 

  • Know exactly how to create a series of irresistible offers to consistently gets people to sign up  

  • What not to do when you get a new client. Mess this up and it'll cost you a lot of money.   

  • What online tools you must have to run your business and dominate your competition  

  • What you need to do generate leads on a consistent basis using Facebook and Instagram without having to resort to using the newest magic pill marketing tactic.

  • The past, present and future of Fitness. You'll be prepared to jump in a face future challenges head on.   

  • See how the client acquisition landscape is changing and what you must do to avoid being left behind. 

  • The shocking truth about success in business is the exact opposite of what most gurus will tell you. 

  • What you need to know about fitness marketing and what you should definitely should ignore even though the "experts" say otherwise  

  • How to promote yourself so you'll magnetically attract people who want to do business with you  

  • The most often overlooked strategy in fitness and how you can use it to leapfrog over your competition  

  • How to get your business noticed even if no one knows who you are and you're just getting started

  • How to build a backend sales system that puts more money in your pocket while helping your clients get better results

Yes, I know that's a lot of stuff, but honestly it's just the tip of the iceberg. 

There's what too many secrets you'll discover to ever list them all for you especially when you have these...


Early Bird Sale

RISE General Admission

$249 per ticket

3 Day Pass To RISE

Standard Seating

RISE T-Shirt

RISE Community Access

RISE Networking Party

5 Tickets

$199 per ticket

3 Day Pass To RISE

Standard Seating

RISE T-Shirt

RISE Community Access

RISE Networking Party

Save $50 per ticket


$995 per ticket 

3 Day Pass To RISE

VIP Front Row Seating

VIP Private Event/ Private VIP Coffee and Snack Area

1/2 Day Business Masterclass On Thursday PLUS a Special Guest Speaker

RISE T-Shirt

RISE 2019 Custom Journal

RISE Community Access

RISE Networking Party

PLUS...extra surprises throughout the event

World Class Speakers

Kat Sullivan​

Founder at Marketing Solved

AJ Roberts

Revenue Generation Expert

Scott Rawcliffe

FB Ads Strategist

Pat Rigsby

Business Coach

Jon Goodman

 Online Trainer Academy

Personal Trainer Development Center

Cody Jefferson​

 Results Coach

Mitch Miller

Opposed Media Co

Brett Bartholomew

Author Conscious Coaching

Holly Rigsby

Love Your Life Coach

Jeff Sherman

Fitness Marketer

Khaled Elmasri

Uprise Media  

Chad Landers​

2018 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year

Daniel Nyiri

CEO of 4U-Fitness (8 locations)

Lindsay Vastola

Editor-in-chief at PFP

Bill Parisi​

Founder & CEO of the Parisi Speed School

Brittany Welk

Lady Strong Fitness - $600K in 1st year.

Scott Colby

Author of The Grateful Entrepreneur

Dan M. Ritchie

Boomer Fitness Expert

William Hofacker​

Money Mindset

Joey Percia

Email Copywriter


Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who is currently selling personal training and wants to make a lot more money with less time 

  • Anyone who owns a gym, bootcamp or fitness facility who wants to jump straight to the top and bypass a lot of wasted years in the school of hard knocks. 

  • Any trainer who is struggling making money month-to-month and wants a pay increase immediately

Who Should Not Attend

  • Whiners, complainers, couch potatoes or anyone who feels the world owes them something for nothing. 

  • Anyone who isn't open to constructive criticism, takes things too personal or can't handle the brutal truth. 

  • Anyone who has no desire to build a fitness business that impacts as many people as possible

  • Anyone who thinks attendance should be free and doesn't see the value in investing in themselves when they are in the business of asking others to invest in them. 

Where Will It Be Held?

      When Is It Being Held?

      2019 RISE: Elevate Your World Fitness Business Conference begins at 8:00AM on November 8th and continues right through to 5:00PM on the 10th. 


      We will of course, take breaks. But this is going to be an action packed event where no stone will be left unturned and no questions left unanswered. 


      My goal is to equip you in every way imaginable so you can build a wildly successful fitness business. 


      On the first day there will be extra "networking" party to make sure you build lifelong connections with other like minded fitness business owners.


      Every aspect of RISE has been thought through to create the ultimate life and business changing experience. From the morning workout to the RISE workbook each attendee will receive to help you create your own blueprint to what needs to happen in your business and life. 


      Each day ends with a one hour breakout session where yourself and other gym owners will gather to really dive into the topics of that day and each breakout session will have the RISE speakers in the room to help you. 


      This isn’t going to be one of those “get you hyped and send you home” fitness conferences. We’re giving you the practical, tactical advice that meets you where you are and gets you to the next stage of your business.

      Day 1


      Are you attracting the right client? Is your message aligned

      with what your marketing says?


      These are the questions we’ll answer on Day 1. Whether it’s understanding who your ideal customer is or sparking the courage to move forward, you’ll discover how to avoid repeating the past and build something new!

      Day 2


      Sales..aka Money.


      What do you do with it when you start having it?


      But before you start making money sales and a sales system need to be a crucial part of your business. 


      We’ll give the nitty-gritty of operating your business. 



      Day 3


      How are you going to take your business in the future?


      We know client experience and delivering that W.O.W factor is what will set you apart.


      Day 3 is all about building your tribe and community and create raving fans.




      What's The Investment?

      RISE General Admission Ticket

      Today $97 

      3 Day Pass To RISE

      Standard Seating

      RISE T-Shirt

      RISE Community Access

      RISE Networking Party

      RISE Group

      5 Tickets

      $199 per ticket

      3 Day Pass To RISE

      Standard Seating

      RISE T-Shirt

      RISE Community Access

      RISE Networking Party

      Save $50 per ticket

      RISE VIP

      $297 per ticket 

      3 Day Pass To RISE

      VIP Front Row Seating

      VIP Private Event

      Private VIP Meeting Area

      1/2 Day Business Masterclass On Thursday PLUS a Special Guest Speaker

      RISE T-Shirt

      RISE 2019 Custom Journal

      RISE Community Access

      RISE Networking Party

      PLUS...extra surprises throughout the event

      Your Guarantee Of REAL Value

      I know taking 3 days away from your business and your family isn't easy. I've been there. 


      I also recognize that the investment with travel and accommodations might be a stretch for you, and may involve some creative cash flow juggling. I've been there too! 

      And while I can't do anything about that before the conference I'm going to go out on a limb here and promise that your time will not be wasted, your investment will be worthwhile, and that you will rank attending as one of the best decisions in your life!

      And that I will do!

      If at the end of Day 1, you have not already captured enough immediately useful, practical to-do item to have made your trip and attendance worthwhile and you are dissatisfied, you can bail out and ask for a FULL 100% REFUND of your registration fee PLUS UP TO $250 in air travel reimbursement. Based on your documented cost, paid right out of my pocket as a penalty for letting you down. 


      Listen, it'd be brain-dead of me to make this offer if I was not ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you will profit enormously from being at this event. 


      I'm confident that you will clearly and definitively see exactly how to "re-mold" your fitness business, your income, your team, your clients, your advertising, your marketing, your sales, your customer experience, even your way of thinking about where you are now to where you want to go. 


      Look forward to seeing you there!

      Khaled Elmasri

      Founder, RISE: Elevate Your Wolrd

      Meet The Rise Sponsors 



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